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Wizard Hall Chronicles

Wizard Hall Chronicles: Volume 3, Wizard War

Wizard War (Volume 3)

Sheryl Steines introduces Wizard War, the third book in her series, The Wizard Hall Chronicles.

War is afoot and pits wizard against wizard. Learn what has escalated a conflict to a level no one has ever imagined.

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Black Market (Volume 2)

“The mix of an FBI agent having experience with the magical side of life and the actual magical investigative units solving magical crimes makes for a great read.” – Cath McTernan

When a dead body is found outside the magical portal to the the black market, Annie Pearce is more than concerned for the safety and secrecy of the magical community. When Annie finds a magical artifact on the victim, it plunges her into the past where people, places and things come back to haunt her. If that wasn't enough, Annie is being pursued by the wily reporter, who knows Annie has a secret and the reporter aims to expose it. As the chaos grows, the protection spell keeping the black market hidden is dying and and will soon expose magic to the entire world.

Can Annie and the Wizard Guard, find the murderer, keep their magical secrets, and save the black market before all of magic is discovered?

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The Day of First Sun (Volume 1)

“With this work, Sheryl Steines managed to bring a little of each of my favorite fantasy shows to the forefront and incorporated them in what I feel is a masterpiece.” – CP (Amazon Verified Purchaser)

Wizard Hall Chronicles: Volume 1, The Day of First Sun

Learn of the Wizard Hall Guard, a covert law enforcement agency employed of wizards and other magical beings. Meet Annie Pearce, one of its younger agents in the male dominated organization, and one of its most effective investigators. Follow her as she hunts a cunning, but peculiar, vampire who may be the key to solving the murder of a princess, all while evading a young and ambitious reporter who is investigating her whereabouts and is just as clever and determined as Annie.

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