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Wizard Hall Chronicles Short Stories

How Zola Got Her Charge

She was past the age when Aloja fairies received their charges. Every time another of her tribe matched a human, she would remain stoic, happy for the friend who found her purpose, sad for herself that it hadn’t happened yet. Would it be her destiny to remain with The Fates or did she have a higher purpose?

“I have good news for you my dear Zola.” She cupped her chin and pulled it up so that she could look into the younger fairy’s green eyes. “Yes Zola, your charge. She has finally been born.” Her voice was soft and warm, filled with happiness for the fairy that had waited an especially long time for a charge. This baby was special, in a way that only Zola would be able to care for.

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As a zoologist employed with the Wizard Council of America, the governing body for witches and wizards, Dave found himself in the enviable position of working with the existing Yeti colony in the Rocky Mountains. Many others in his field had applied for the newest openings on the team, but only three had been hired to study evidence of a new Yeti sleuth, thought to be living in a lower altitude.

Gracefully, Dave landed in the pre-approved teleportation spot situated in the middle of dense trees and wild undergrowth. Though well hidden, it offered him an unobstructed view of the forest and he crouched behind the bushes as he surveyed his location. All around him, animals scurried through the trees and across the thick underbrush; hooves clicked against stone and wood as deer searched for food, and the coyotes wailing filled the darkness, all the while he hoped for the heavy footsteps belonging to the large creatures.

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