The Day of First Sun Cover

Volume 1: The Day of First Sun

As if tracking a deranged vampire and protecting the world of magic isn’t enough, now a mortal princess is dead and a nosey reporter is bent on exposing, Wizard Guard, Annie Pearce’s deepest secret. If her life wasn’t already complicated enough now Annie senses a change in her longtime partner and best friend, Cham. Is it her naturally suspicious self or is he hiding something from her? When your partner is also the woman you love coming to work every day can feel like a blessing and a curse. But that’s the world Bobby Chamsky lives in as a Wizard Guard. Spells, hexes, curses, and murder: all in a days work. Nevertheless, at the end of that day there is nothing Cham won’t do to protect Annie. Now that the world of non-magical and magic have crossed with the death of mortal royalty, Cham’s loyalty and love for his partner will be truly tested. Will Annie find out if her suspicions are true? Will Cham forgive her for her recklessness and can he save her before it’s too late?

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Cover of the Book Black Market, Vol 2 of The Wizard Chronicles

Volume 2: Black Market

When a dead body is found outside the magical portal to the the black market, Annie Pearce is more than concerned for the safety and secrecy of the magical community. When Annie finds a magical artifact on the victim, it plunges her into the past where people, places and things come back to haunt her. If that wasn't enough, Annie is being pursued by the wily reporter, who knows Annie has a secret and the reporter aims to expose it. As the chaos grows, the protection spell keeping the black market hidden is dying and and will soon expose magic to the entire world.

Can Annie and the Wizard Guard, find the murderer, keep their magical secrets, and save the black market before all of magic is discovered?

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