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Introvert to Sales Goddess – A Sneak Peak

comfort zoneIt's funny that as an introverted writer, I find myself in a job that requires me to meet people and contact them on the phone call. As a result I worked on a short book of essays describing my fear, of phones, feeling like a fraud as I navigate outside my personal comfort zone.

I opened myself up completely. It's the real me. I've come so far in such a short time that if my experience can help any either understand what it is to be an introvert or how to pull yourself out of the fear and anxiety that holds us back, than it was worth the trip down memory lane. Here's the unedited excerpt of how far I've come and where I hope to be.

–Introvert to Sales Goddess

At my class reunion I met a former classmate who was also a published author. I was green with envy, the kind that made me regret everything that led me to that time in my life. When I couldn’t find a job, I remembered that feeling and decided it was time to do what I had always wanted to do when I was a kid, and that was to write for a living. I had started my career reaching for that goal, but kids and life got in the way and I put it aside. Again, I lacked the confidence to push forward and trust that I could write a book. But after my reunion, I had a goal. I would write that book. It was the best decision I ever made and for the first time in my life I gained real self-confidence. I was proud of myself and I woke a passion inside of me that I never had before.

When I finished the book and the edits and the attempts to find an agent, I self-published. And while trying to sell my books amazing things began happening for me. First I went to my first Wizard World with my own booth and sold to strangers, meeting and talking to them. I met artists and writers, and had a community of people to discuss the ups and downs of this crazy venture. I attended my first book expo in New   York and met marketers and came up with a plan on how to reach more people.

With the new confidence, I found I was able to finally lose the baby weight; I bought more fun clothes and changed my outlook on myself and on my life. I straightened my hair, which I could write a whole other essay on because; man did that change everything for me. But I was finally off of that treadmill and really moving forward.

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