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Whatever Wednesday – The Walking Dead, Yeah Again

Rumors abound that there will be a spinoff of The Walking Dead. Any fan would welcome more of the series we love so much. According to the rumors, the plot and characters would be separate of those we've already grown to love that we'd see a different place in the Dead universe. What happened to the government, to Hollywood, to Canada? How is it different, is it the same? Was France really the last to fall and did they find out what caused the virus and do they know hothe_walking_dead3w to stop it?



I just read today, that the spin off might actually be a prequel. I'm not sure what the point of a show about the time before the zombie plague started unless its a mini series that shows us who created it and why, but I am curious. I thought I'd have an answer to that question when I read the first The Walking Dead  graphic novel. I had hoped it would explain everything, but it didn't. It was simply put, just the same.

I love science fiction and urban fantasy because it's so not the real world. But what I need when I read them is to have some basis in the real world. Some explanation of how this might happen if it were reality. If the explanation doesn't make sense then, hey, I'm not watching, reading or even paying attention.

As I write my own magical universe, I try to make the answers to those questions as real as possible, give the magical answer a scientific explanation. For instance, the magical characters in The Day of First Sun explained to Jack Ramsey, the non-magical FBI agents, that they have an extra chromosome, one that gives them their magical powers. In the book I'm writing now tentatively titled The Gift, one of the characters explains you can't just conjure items that you don't own because it's stealing. But you can summon or conjure items you already own.

Think of it this way, if magic were real, it could solve every problem that exists in the world and if your world contains magic, you could surely cure hunger, disease and poverty. But why then, don't we do that within these new worlds? Because we also create laws that our characters must obey or they will suffer the consequences.

But I digress. I still want an answer to the burning question about the zombie virus, I need to know where it comes from. Was it created by humans, was it a mutation of something else, and how in the hell did it spread. Because it spread so fast, that there are cars still clogging roads or left out in the open. I was always hoping for a flashback that explained it all. We've even discussed this as a family after watching various episodes because we really want to know. My only possible conclusion comes from the idea that where ever the virus was created, it infected the entire planet. We know this from the episode where our favorite group traveled to the CDC in Atlanta, episode 105 Wildfire. My guess, the first person who died after the mass infection turned into a zombie, killed whoever was the closest and so on and so on. It must have happened so fast that it overwhelmed health care workers, the police and even the armed forces. It just became too much.

So bring it on producers and writers of The Walking Dead. I really, really, really want to know if I'm right.


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One Rant and then I’m Done

Okay. I’ll admit, I watched a few minutes of a few episodes of one of the Kardashian’s many mind numbing shows. Not because I was curious but because I wanted to know why. I still want to know why the television audience is bent on a bunch of rich people make asses of themselves? Well actually I think I can figure that one out, besides being totally ridiculous it gives us something to point and laugh at.

I purposely avoid anything to do with any of the reality television stars. I refuse to join their clubs, watch their shows, buy their books, perfume and shoes, because I really don’t want my hard earned cash landing in their talentless pockets. It’s frustrating for me to see how many people are willing to purchase books written by Snookie, Skinny Bitch and Lauren Conrad, when I struggle to get mine noticed.

Frankly at this point I’m simply tired of them baring it all. I really don’t need another naked, pregnant celebrity gracing any magazine covers, or shooting pictures of themselves on vacation, or tweeting about their bling, because I don’t think they’re any better than me except in one major arena. Marketing.

What I think I’ve since discovered is the fact that what they are really good at is marketing themselves. Getting themselves out there, putting it on the line, letting it all hang out.

I try to write a good role, a strong female character who's real and complex in a world that seems to only value roles models who are self absorbed and lead seemingly meaningless lives in comparison to the rest of us. It’s sad because we can only find strong female role models in the form of science fiction/fantasy characters. Is that because we can only accept them as such in a world that’s not quite so real?

Honestly, I really have no problem with the guilty little pleasure. What I have is a problem when the guilty little pleasure has a bigger presence in the world than it should have for as long as it has, more infamous than famous. Only we can stop the onslaught.

Oka, now I’m done. Is your guilty pleasure really cool, really dorky, really original? Share it here.

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