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The Reboot – I’m Not All In – Unless This

The Reboot

Reboots are all the rage. I've watched very few of them. Successful reboots invite you back into the family fold, pick up years later so that the fan can catch up with our favorites. Think Gilmore Girls. Other shows reboot the show's description but create new characters and maybe, just maybe bring back some of the original favorites (I didn't watch Beverly Hills 90210, but I read stuff.)

I'm a fan of a reboot though under very specific circumstances.


I enjoyed the Gilmore Girls reboot because I got to catch up with old friends. However, I'm not expecting that from the Charmed reboot. Here's why I won't be watching. I invested seven years with Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige; these strong, powerful, vulnerable ladies. Their journey was my journey. They laughed I laughed. They worried, I worried with them.

What I would have loved to see, was a continuation of their story. Get a glimpse into their future or if anything visit with their children: Chris, Wyatt, Phoebe's three daughters and Paige's twins and son Henry Jr. Why? Because I loved the original women, and was given a glimpse into their future during the series finale. I saw that their future was good and that I'd watch.

While I'm all for the diversity that comes with the new cast, I'm in for a retelling of the story of three sisters who learn as adults that they are witches who must fight evil. For me as a fan of the original series, this seems like nothing more than a copy and no matter how well the story is told and how well the actresses are plunged into the world, I'm just not interested in investing any time to this new Charmed. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been talked about for a reboot. Again, seven years I sat alongside Buffy as she fought demons, and grew from a reluctant hero to one willing to die to save her family and friends. I watched her come back and struggle with life outside of heaven. I watched Buffy take down the First and close on of the gates of hell.

I will always admit that Buffy was the model I used when creating my own strong female, lead Annie Pearce. She was a blue print as to what a female superhero should be: strong, smart, beautiful, vulnerable. A complete package of a woman, her ups and downs. But if they retold Buffy's story, I shall also say no to that as well.

In the series finale, we had a clear understanding that the slayer was no longer alone. All potential slayers were now given the same powers as Buffy. She now had an army to work with her.

If the Vampire Slayer storyline was rebooted, an all new focus on one of the army, I'd be there anxiously watching how this new slayer would handle the pitfalls and accomplishments of her calling because it is a continuation of the original story. To retell Buffy's story seems like a copy I would choose not to see.

A Wish from A Fan

We fan are of Science Fiction/Fantasy are a loyal band of geeky nerds. We love our heroes and are loyal to them. If you give us copies we will be angry. If you further the story (think Star Wars Episodes 4, 5 and 6), we will be forever loyal and grateful and will watch hungrily. I promise you this.







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Journey – Star Wars An Epic Fantasy Tradition

Re-written from July, 2013

I speak of a journey. Whether it's the one we take from the minute we're born to the day we die or the smaller journeys in the in between. The stuff that makes up our life, our legacy. The journey with an end goal, working toward an accomplishment of a dream.

I'm drawn to stories about these journey's to find oneself because I undertook one of those when I finally decided to honor my seven-year old self and write my first book.

And luckily one of my most favorite epic fantasy journey's has been featured on-line, in Facebook, and I just finished watching it.

Star Wars – Luke's Journey

I was nine years old and I still remember my dad asking if we wanted to see a movie called “Star Awards”. It was so new, I had no idea what he was talking about.

It was one of those experiences that from the minute the opening scrolled across the screen with the musical background, that a smile grew across my face. One that didn't leave, long after the final credits.

Star Wars just happens to be one of those movies that I can watch and re-watch, always entertained, always amazed by this simple epic fantasy.

I will always contend the story is an epic fantasy, that just because the story is filled with blasters, light sabers, the X-wing fighters, it's so much more than Science Fiction. It is at its core, a story about a boy who unbeknownst to himself, is about to take a life changing journey. And just like every epic fantasy, he will learn of his royal heritage, he will become the reluctant hero and he will discover his true self and what he is capable of. All this accomplished in a strange new world, with characters and creatures unlike our own, in a place with rules that are unfamiliar to life as we know it. 

My Own Journey

It's much like my own life, my own journey. From the moment I opened my first document and wrote Chapter 1, and let the words pour from my head to my fingers, as I typed variations of twenty-six letters that became 100,000 words, I to find myself in an unfamiliar world, discovering jus what I am made of .

Star Wars, a simple, elegant story, rough and primitive, that is almost as old as I am. The nine-year old in me still watches with a smile on my face, simple joy at a story worth re-telling. And in honor of May the 4th be with you, may you all find yourself and your own journey.


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Self Help

yodaThere's twenty pages of books on Amazon about living as an introvert, marketing as an introvert, how to succeed as an introvert, public speaking for introverts, you get it, there's a lot of books on how to live as an introvert. I'm not one for self-help books. I find them redundant because I really know what it is I need to do in order to change the circumstances of my life. At my age I'm also aware of who I am and what I can change. Having someone else spell it out for me, seems like a waste of time and money.

When I needed to lose weight I knew I needed to exercise and reduce my caloric intake. I did that. When I decided it was time to check #7 off of my bucket list, I sat down and wrote that book. For me there's no more thinking about the things that need to be done. There can only be doing. So says Yoda from Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back.

“No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.”

Self help books, videos or people, I don't subscribe to them. I realize that people are looking for answers and are looking for a way to make changes for the better and that's their option. Those books for me are a crutch. A way to feel like I'm accomplishing something without accomplishing anything besides finishing a book. The books themselves can lead you to water, lead you to the change, but only you can make a change. I know what I need to do in order to get to where I want to go. It doesn't mean that I will get there, all it means is that I have to just do it, I just have to drink that water. If I'm lucky it will happen, if I'm not at least I…

I set the goal for myself, I will write everyday and I will complete my second book. Whether or not I become a successful writer, time will tell, but at least someday I'll be able to look back and know that I did everything that I could to try to get there. My own self-help.



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What the Heck is a Tardis?

If you have to ask you've never watched Doctor Who. Okay. So I don’t watch a lot of Doctor Who. It’s not because I don’t want to, the show is right up my alley. It’s mostly because I’m woefully far behind and have no time to catch up. Instead, I watch when I can. But then there’s my daughter, the one who I’ve managed to turn into a geek, the one who loves, The Walking Dead, Torchwood, and Comic Con. I’m so proud.

She’s now a Doctor Who fan, the kind that sat with the Ipad for six hours to watch season six and then declare, she wanted to go to Barnes and Noble and buy his screwdriver. Yeah, the kid is a culture nut and I’m the proud mommy.

But it had me thinking about space and time. And how in all of these science fiction and fantasy entertainment vehicles that it’s the vehicle, the way the characters move within the storyline from place to place and time to time that is what the show is centered around.

Even if you’ve never seen Star Wars, you know the Millennium Falcon. Han Solo’s ride, his home, the only thing he owns worth anything and yes it saves all of their lives by flying them away from the Death Star and in the end it’s the machine that allows Han to assist Luke Skywalker blast the hell out of said Death Star. You might also be aware that it’s a rust bucket and the hyperdrive doesn’t always work.

I’m sure even if you don’t watch Star Trek you know the USS Enterprise. Or Back to the Future you travel through time in a DeLorean. But these types of time and space travel seem practical, seem as though they fit, belong in the realm of their reality. So who then, came up with the Tardis?

Even I know, having only watched maybe five episodes of Doctor Who that the Tardis is the time machine moving the Doctor and his companion through space and time. Tardis stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. Yeah a time machine; where occupants can transport to any point in time or place in the universe. 

I had to look it up, understand what this thing was that took on the shape of a 1960’s style London police box. Its chameleon circuit is broken, (a mechanism which is responsible for changing the outside appearance of the ship in order to fit in with its environment, leaving it in its current state). It’s an ordinary object used for extraordinary things. A time machine with a mind of its own, rather than going where the Doctor wishes to land, it lands where he is needed the most.

These machines spark imagination; make dreamers into creators who might attempt to recreate what they’ve seen on television, in the movies and make them reality. So I sit and examine my daughter’s new purchase, a miniature Tardis; an object of dreams and wishes to discover, to explore to assist and make better. If we could go back into time, would we and while there is it practical to make changes? Would our lives be better or would we destroy all that we know? Would that one little change, change everything? And the Tardis, opens the whole of the universe to us. Would you take a trip through time and space? I know I would.

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Star Wars, The Ultimate Fantasy I Swear It

When I was nine, my dad asked if we wanted to see a movie called “Star Awards” so new I had no idea what he was talking about. We went anyway and from the minute the words scrolled across the screen and I heard that music, I had a smile on my face. Star Wars just happens to be one of those movies that I can watch and re-watch always entertained always amazed by this simple epic fantasy.

I still contend its fantasy, though most I’m sure would think that Star Wars is a work of Science Fiction, with the blasters, the light sabers, the X-wing fighters. But it’s far more than just the technology that holds the movie together. As in all good fantasy stories, there’s that hero, the one who might be royalty and not know it, the one who is thrown into. All bound by the Force, the magic, the code in which the hero fights his battle. Whether it be to save the princess or the galaxy or return an artifact to the place in which it will always be safe, the outer package of the story makes no difference. These are the themes that bind a fantasy together.

This is the ultimate story of good versus evil, where the hero wears white and the villain wears black, and Han Solo wears both.

This is an epic fantasy, a strange new world, with characters of every shape and size, a medieval landscape in which rules don’t exist. How will Luke Skywalker bring order out of chaos? That is his journey. He is the chosen one.

A story, simple and elegant, rough and primitive, that is almost as old as I am. The nine-year old in me still watches with a smile on my face, simple joy at a story worth re-telling.


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Guilt Free TV Surfing Is Not as Much Fun as You’d Think

Four weeks ago I had leg surgery. Actually, I had about a mile of varicose veins removed from my left leg because of a superficial blood clot in my leg. So when expecting to be down for any length of time at all, what do you think of doing. Watch television, catch up on a few books, paint a masterpiece. Silly me, I thought the down time would give me serious writing time to finish my book.

I wasn't really supposed to do anything and as the doctor pulled and cut those nasty little veins, she asked me what I had planned for my downtime. Did I have a lot of books and movies to watch. Had a planned ahead of time I could have knocked off a bucket list item and watched every Star Wars movie in a row. Really couldn't do much else. I told the doctor, seriously, I was planning on working on my book. I swear I saw her eyes roll and heard something akin to a snort.

I had the best of intentions. Really I did. My computer sat on the coffee table. I think I might have checked email. What I hadn't realized is how much it hurt to have those veins removed. I spent the first day grunting and groaning when I moved or stood up to use the bathroom. And when I wasn't moving, I spent time wondering how the doctor removed those nasty veins without tying them off. Though still to this day, it wigs me out a little thinking about it.

So instead of planning for what was really going to happen, I sat on the couch with my leg up and channel surfed. I promised myself, the first day off. So that meant guilt free ESPN, Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City, Murder She Wrote, Monk, Avatar the Last Airbender, (which happens to be one of my favorites). Not so bad. Only three more days. And that's where the problem started.

Day two, I pulled out the computer, stared at the screen and put it away. The Day of First Sun sat there mocking me. It never happened. I re-watched television shows. I changed the channel, read a book, and fidgeted with the compression stocking that was so tight I was losing feeling in my toes.

It might sound fun, guilt free channel surfing. It's not. It's mind numbing and boring, especially when there's so many more important things to get done. Like writing a book. Which finally happened. I'm pleased to say, The Day of First Sun is with several beta readers. I hope I never have to take that much down time without the ability to do something. Anything. recuperating, not as much fun as it sounded.

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