Wizard War | Sheryl Steines

Wizard War

The Wizard Hall Chronicles | Book 3

A mysterious package arrives for Annie Pearce at her home, and the contents surprise and worry her. A vampire is loose and on a vengeful murderous streak sending Annie and her partner on a journey through Europe to stop the vampire.

It should have been an easy hunt and kill, instead, the elusive vampire outsmarted them with the help of a mysterious stranger.

All is not what it seems as Annie finds herself among enemies who blame her for the vampire’s trail of dead bodies. She must put aside her guilt and concentrate on only the vampire and the stranger helping her.

When Annie learns the truth about the vampire and the stranger controlling her, Annie herself must become just as devious in order to prevent a wizard war.

What Reviewers are Saying...

“Twists and turns. Enjoyment Guaranteed!” – Mysterious Amazon Customer

“This was fun and a great read. I couldn’t put it down.” - Angie

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