The Day of First Sun | Sheryl Steines

The Day of First Sun

The Wizard Hall Chronicles | Book 1

Annie Pearce is a Wizard Guard who spends her days solving magical crimes, and chasing demons and vampires, with the purpose of keeping the world safe from magic. 

Everything was smooth until the Annie met FBI Special Agent, Jack Ramsey. While she had worked with the non-magical police before, having the FBI call her in to solve the magical murder of the high-profile, non-magical Princess Amelie, was different: it was big and worldwide and if Annie wasn’t careful, she could expose magic. 

Confirming the princess was killed with a magical curse was the easy part, finding her killer was another story. As Annie and her team continued to investigate the case under the tight control of the FBI, they realized the princess was only collateral damage and there was a greater plan at work, one that was connected to Annie’s past. If Annie can’t leave her emotions out of the case, her reckless behavior can expose them all. 

What Reviewers are Saying...

“New Fantasy novel that transcends genre…” – Amazon Customer.

“Overall this is a fantastic book and a fantastic series! I encourage fans of fantasy and crime shows to read it!” Rhiannon

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