Prophecy | Sheryl Steines


The Wizard Hall Chronicles | Book 4

Will Annie save the future, or will she save her past?

When a routine mission ends up revealing a demon unlike anything she’s ever seen before, Annie Pearce stumbles upon a prophecy which will change her world forever. Her destiny, whether she likes it or not, takes her back to the ninth century on a time-traveling quest to rid the world of a brewing evil – all without the safety of her magic.

Summoning the help of her Wizard Guard, Annie’s mission takes her on a dangerous path where she faces off with enemies stronger than she’s ever encountered before. If she succeeds, her destiny will lead her to her ultimate reward… a magic so powerful that others will stop at nothing to take it from her.

With her list of allies running thin and those closest to her in growing danger, can Annie navigate the fabric of time and fulfil the prophecy, or will she have finally met her match?

If you like Urban Fantasy packed with mystery and action, you won’t want to miss the fourth book in this epic series! Grab your copy of Prophecy today!

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