Introvert to Sales Goddess | Sheryl Steines

Introvert to Sales Goddess

As an introvert you become very familiar with heart stopping situations. But can an introvert grow comfortable in a sales position by facing her fear head on and dropping preconceived ideas of where she should be working? Or is our personality so set and ingrained in our brains that it will be a total fail anyway? It may not always be pretty and it's definitely not easy, but sometimes you need to just do it to accomplish something greater.

What Reviewers are Saying...

"Introvert to Sales Goddess’ came to pass from my absolute respect for Sheryl Steines as a woman, an author, a blogger, a business woman, and an introvert. If it wasn’t for her relationship then her book I would still be making the same mistakes with introvert clients and friends. I imagine that if I‘d known then what I know now I’d made some very different decisions. This is a book that extroverts should read to better understand our introvert counterparts. And learn to appreciate them better." - Bri Clark, marketing expert, author, and owner of Belle Consulting