Black Market | Sheryl Steines

Black Market

The Wizard Hall Chronicles | Book 2

Annie stared at the dead body sprawled on the forest floor.

Who is he and why was he dumped outside the portal to the black market?

The body yields a secret, an ancient artifact hidden on his dead body. The artifact is old and imbued with a powerful magic that can control the demons. Whoever controls the artifact will control the black market.

With the help of a new wizard guard unit, Annie and her team hunt the killer down to the mythical Cave of Ages where they come up against a powerful ancient society ready to stop Annie at all costs.

To save magic, will Annie have to let a killer go or do what’s right?

What Reviewers are Saying...

"Complex mystery" – Patty D.

"Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The mix of an FBI agent having experience with the magical side of life and the actual magical investigative units solving magical crimes makes for a great read. I stayed up reading this until I finished it in the early hours of the morning as I just couldn’t put it down until I finished." – Cath M

"In her second book of the Wizard Hall Chronicles, author Sheryl Steines continues build upon the wonderful and mysterious realm that she created within our everyday world. As a fan of the supernatural, I have imagined how cool it be to have this kind of magic living side-by-side with our mundane lives. Once again, Steines has brought these two domains together – along with the ever present tension of catastrophic discovery." - CS Litch

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