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Sci-Fi hidden gems

Sci-Fi Hidden Gems – Farscape

The Two Year Sci-Fi Binge Watch

I love the Comet network. It’s like a time machine to the sci-fi television past. In the last two years, we’ve watched Sliders, Quantum Leap, The Outer Limits, tried The Ray Bradbury Theater and then were exposed to Farscape.

Never heard of it? I hadn’t either.

A Great Sci-Fi Has?

So, what makes an excellent sci-fi show?

Great characters that form a band of merry misfits? Check.

Fun storylines? Check.

Commentary on the human condition? Check.

Jim Henson puppets as characters? Oh yeah, a big old check.

Sounds a Little Like…

It might sound a little like Star Trek, Star Wars, and a lot like Firefly, but it’s none of the above. It’s a little known, Australian-American Sci Fi show called Farscape.

Essentially, it’s a group of merry little misfits, some of whom escape with a militaristic police prison ship, one who was part of that militaristic group known as the Peacekeepers, and the lone human who flies through a wormhole and ends up with said group of loners.

A little like Firefly, I admit it. But the object of this sci-fi game is to survive long enough, to stay far enough away from the Peacekeepers and out of trouble, to find their home planets, and back to the lives they were so, so far away from.

But It’s Farscape

Meet John Crichton, an astronaut and scientist from Earth on a routine mission in space and stumbles through a wormhole where he’s pulled into the ship called Moya, a Leviathan/machine of a ship where he meets, D’argo, Zahn, Rigel and Pilot, who think he was there to assist them.

He’s running from a Peacekeeper called Crais who thinks John killed his brother, which keeps him running with the Moya and the crew as an outlaw like them. The crew, made up of Zahn, a striking blue priestess, who had been imprisoned for murder; D’argo wrongly accused of murder, and Dominar Rygel XVI a puppet creature, was the former ruler over a billion of his kind, who was overthrown by his cousin and imprisoned on the ship.

You can’t forget Pilot, the creature who is one with the ship, literally as he was physically linked to her when placed aboard, a horrifying procedure we learn about in season two. And I can’t forget Chiana, another wayward prison who escaped the Peacekeepers with the help of the crew, early in season one.

Lastly, there’s Aeryn Sun, the peacekeeper, who was forced from the military, forced on the run, and somehow was accepted into the group. But for how long?

This is the 2D version of these amazing characters. The writers of this hidden gem, wrote them with layers and backstories that weave many of their histories together in a way that you realize, they weren’t just thrown together for the sake of the show.

The Art of Sci-Fi

I stumbled across this space opera while watching one of the many sci-fi offerings on Comet and was just curious enough to give it a try.

When you watch these shows over and over again, you tend to recognize the types of characters that you see, the rough and tumble tough guy, the strong, emotionless, fearless female, the wise ass. I expected that, but the characters have far more depth, the longer I’m emmersed into this world. They tough, strong, take turns leading when something goes awry. You see them when they’re at their worst.

I love characters. I love stories that are fun, that allow me to escape into a different world, away from the world we now know. It’s escapism at it’s best and why I love the medium of television so much.

Farscape (the name of the John Crichton’s ship by the way), is a delightful, funny, suspenseful early 2000s television show with decent graphics, great writing that doesn’t make me cringe, and stories that are a new take on some old favorites.

Definitely worth a look. Farscape

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