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Writing a Book, 500 Words at a Time

No Longer Writing

After a disappointing end to a five-year-long battle that someday I'll share, it became apparent that my writing career was done, kaput, just plain over. There just wouldn't be the extra money to pay for ads, or editing, or book covers.

While the idea that my forty-year-old dream was pretty much dead, I couldn't give up the writing. It was who I always had been, and was just in my bones. The call of writing is just too strong for me to ignore.

500 Words

So why only 500 words at a time, you ask? I've gone from writing at home and having all the time in the world, to working full time as a contract writer and having to accomplish everything I want in such a short amount of time. Something always has to give.

But I couldn't give up the writing and needed a way to eke out some time in my day. Hence, 500 words a day. It's most definitely a slow-going way to write, to make sure you have time to craft and create before falling asleep on the couch at 9 pm.

While I'm not always successful, the secret it, forgiving myself and understanding, that I'm only human. Don't give up, keep writing and keep moving forward.

Forgiving Myself

It's been a rough two years for all of us. We've all had to make sacrifices, change habits, make the best of it, to find a way to move on.

My experience that caused all of the trouble wasn't so normal or shared by many, but I had to change how I reacted to it. I had to learn to find joy or a bit of happiness to overcome.

I chose to be happy and though it's not always easy, it has made things lighter. And I decided to forgive myself. For not always being awake enough to write or to edit, or to advertise.

I'm making changes, cleaning out closets, donating what I don't need and I'm not giving up on writing. And I'm writing a book, 500 words at a time. 500 words to create and craft. I started this after editing one chapter of a novella in a seven novella series. It may have been 500 words, it may have been 300, but whatever it was, I know, I kept the promise to myself and didn't give up the writing.

I'm at peace with no more and no less.

Who knows, I may find that story that engages an audience, I still may get to live out my dreams of being an author. As long as I give myself the proper time and space and move forward.

The Wizard Hall Chronicles

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