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Magical Objects

Magical Objects – What’s in Your Field Pack?

Wizard Guard Field Pack

Field packs hold all of the magical objects a wizard guard will need to do their job. Chasing vampires? They carry a wooden stake, holy water, a scrying crystal, and a map.

What if they need to remake a potion? Some may carry small versions of their Book of Shadows. Not just found on the television show Charmed, Book of Shadows contains a witch's life experiences. In Annie Pearce's case, it's been passed down through her father's magical line all the way back from the 11th century. Every spell, every potion, every demon faced by her family, is documented in her Book of Shadows.

Wizard World 2021

I love comic con. I love the atmosphere, the costumes, the t-shirts, the stuff. I'll be at Wizard World, 2021 this year, October 15 – 17 in Artist's Alley.

Come find me. Learn what's really in a field pack and what magical objects are needed to do their jobs. All books on show special for $10 apiece. I hope to see you there.

Haven't read The Wizard Hall Chronicles yet, get them on today. Want all five books at once, get the series set.

Read Chapter 1 of The Day of First Sun.

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