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Magical Holidays

Magical Holidays: The Day of First Sun

Magical Holidays

I love writing urban fantasy, paranormal stories because I can make stuff up, from food to clothes, to magical holidays. As I created my world, I created The Day of First Sun, which allowed me to offer a glimpse into the magical world I created.

In this world, magical energy is all around us and it remains around us for millennia and longer. It's revered and protected. And on September 1, The Day of First Sun, magic is the strongest, and those with magic or the strongest they will be.

And Annie Pearce will use that to her advantage to stop the evil wizards, demons, and vampires.

How the Day of First Sun Came to Be

Magic came to the world with the birth of the first magical child in a mystical clearing of land around 3500 BCE. To this day, that clearing was considered holy land for all magicals born thereafter, both good and evil. Over a millennium later, a battle was fought on the sacred land with devastating consequences.

A portal between Earth and other realms opened, giving vampires, werewolves, and other demons access to Earth. Myths told of a time when the sun did not come out and the beasts freely roamed
the planet.

Centuries later, a brave witch fought a second battle on the sacred land, closing the portal forever. The battle, which took place on the first of September, became known as the Day of First Sun. Once the threshold closed, the sun emerged again, but it was too late. The Earth was overrun with supernatural evil.

The Pretend Magical Holiday

While it is a fake magical holiday, I've been wanting to share it with readers and fans for years. I decided after all that's gone on over the last year and a half, maybe this would be a great time to create and share with you. A time to take a break from reality and enjoy something for the pure enjoyment of it.

So here's to celebrating The Day of First Sun. There's more to come.

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