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Chicago River

Somewhere at the Bend in the River

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I was born and raised in Chicago so it seemed like a natural location to set my paranormal tale. While I live an hour from downtown and don’t get to the city as often as I like, it is one of my favorite places to visit, whether it’s to go to Navy Pier, Millennium Park, or the architectural boat tour along the Chicago River.

That’s why, when deciding on where to set Wizard Hall, I chose, a location found at the bend in the Chicago River. (There’s more than one, if you need to know.)

Like everything in Chicago, the river has a colorful past, and I don’t mean the ugly green of color in the water, or dyeing the river Kelly green for St. Patrick’s Day, or blue when the Cubs finally won the world series. The river, a 156-mile-long system of rivers and canals that run through Chicago, used to flow into Lake Michigan, endangering the city water supply. It now flows south into the Mississippi River.

Why the Chicago River

While writing about the wizarding world, at least my version of it, there are Wizard Halls in every wizarding community. They are the center of government, education, and healthcare for the wizard world. All in all, the center of the United States seemed like the perfect location to set the seat of power and the Chicago River became my choice.

It is truly one of my favorite locations in the city. It’s full of life and energy with restaurants and businesses lining the river in buildings with an interesting history.

I always wanted to tie my magical world into the real world, with the idea that it could make magic and its place in the world actually be real. At least if only for the time it takes to read the book.

So somewhere at the bend in the Chicago River, a very large building sits hidden with magic, housing an entire government complex. Just so you know.

Learn more about Wizard Hall at the bend in the river.



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