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Passion and the Passionate Reader – Or Writer


May we all find what gives us passion, whether or person, hobby or career. When I was seven, my passion became reading. Any type of book, mysteries specifically.

I loved Nancy Drew. I had a list of her books I took out of one of the books. Every time I read one of the books, I marked the book with an ‘x’. My mom kept the list with her. That way any time she went to the library or the store, she could pick me up a new book.

My Own Drive

At seven I had my own library card and where we lived, was a short bike ride to the library. I still remember what it was like to pump away at the pedals as I prepared for what was essentially my next reading adventure. I remember the feeling a getting a new book.

There was something about those books, the mystery, the characters, the story that drove me. But it wasn’t the desire to finish the series, rather it was the desire to somehow emulate that and write my own.

I wanted to be an author when I grew up.

Life’s Path

I always say life isn’t one path from start to finish. There are forks in the road where I choices determine the path in the road and there are events that happen, beyond are control, that force us onto a new path.

That was my life. It was a curvy, multiple path process to get to where I am now. And it took my far from the dream I had when I was seven.

A class reunion and deep seated jealousy forced me to confront the lack of writing over the years, and fear kept me from actually writing the book for another two. But when I settled, I finally had a writing plan.

The Passion is Still There

The Wizard Hall Chronicles had gone through many different versions and when i finished, it I had a series that was inspired by Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed. But the lack of sales killed a bit of the desire to continue writing.

Until… I needed something to read during the pandemic. I found J.D. Robb. Eve Dallas as the protagonist. I was hooked from book one. I read all fifty books that were out within three months. I couldn’t wait for more.

I was inspired to write something similar and yet, the characters and story felt off.

I searched again for something similar to read and found the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I laughed till I hurt and I read the series I think within a month.


I asked for help on Facebook. I talked to friends on the phone. I talked to my daughter. What I finally found my a renewed passion and my schtick. My thing that made my book a little different. I decided to age my character, base some of her on my own life and experiences, and find a happy medium between Eve Dallas and Stephanie Plum.

I wanted a well written story with good characters and a little humor a long the way.

As I continue writing this new series, the characters resonate with me, more than any have since I wrote about Annie Pearce and Cham Chamsky. The story, while it needs a little work, is coming together. Once I had a character name and a career, a whole adventure popped into my head.

The Book

Her name is Nikki Page and she’s a paralegal. And while I get excited when I’m writing, I still face a certain amount of fear before each attempt. The selling, the marketing, the whole of it, makes me want to quit. The writing, now that’s where my passion is.

Once I got through the block brought on by the lack of sales, I felt as though I had something reminiscent of my love of a great female mystery and detective story. I think I have that renewed passion to continue.

It makes me very happy.

My first passion. The Wizard Hall Chronicles on Amazon now.

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