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What are Your Experiences During the Pandemic?


I decided at the start of 2020, I would commit to learning new things, new experiences whether that entailed new people or places. The plan was to simply be open to whatever might cross my path.

A pandemic, was surely, not on my list.

It's been two and a half weeks since Illinois issued the stay-at-home order. It's a struggle for the for of us to continue with online schooling, working from home and generally not annoying each other.

What I've Been Doing

While we can't enjoy places we love, like the zoo or botanic garden, nor can we travel or gather, I've continued to exercise and will start online yoga classes. I walk and see neighbors (at a 6 foot distance,) that I haven't seen in months. I spend time with my kids just talking.

I continue to write and create, taking on different projects to keep myself engaged. I bake and cook. We finished putting trim on the windows that had been off for years. I'll be staining my bookshelves when the weather warms.

Being limited during the pandemic and forcing four bored people to find something to do, has slowed us down a bit and caused us to be creative, and present with each other.

Having said that, here's some recommendations for reading and television that might make those quiet times a little less boring, or frightening or tedious.

My New Experiences

New Authors I've tried: JD. Robb, Laurence Shames, Neil Gaiman, Molly Fitz. What your new favorite author? Tweet me their name @SherylSteines.

New Television Shows since the stay at home was enforced: Deadwood (Prime), Justified (Hulu), Queens of Mystery (Acorn TV), Hunters (Prime). Send me some new recommendations on Facebook at Sheryl Steines Author.

Movies: Ford vs. Ferrari, Deadwood (the movie), Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears. I'm looking for more recommendations. SherylSAuthor on Instagram.

Re-watch: One of my favorite shows ever, Avatar the last Airbender. I also re-watched Star Trek Beyond, Kingsman The Golden Circle and Supernatural. What are you rewatching while at home?

Stay safe. Try something new. Learn something. And share. Experiences don't have to be big and grand, they just need to be. Looking forward to your new ideas. Hope to hear from you.

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Edidiong Esshiet says May 14, 2020

Indeed we didn’t plan for Covid19 and all its emissaries but from this pandemic I have been able to reinvent myself , finish up a novel and a group anthology to b published soon. Funny enough while many look at the dark side this pandemic has brought on us as a people …I am so assured of better days ahead cos – “after the darkest night comes day”

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