This is Me | Sheryl Steines

This is Me

The voice I carry is quiet and I struggle so hard to be heard.

My dreams are so big, but I'm tired from the chase.

I live with a broken heart because when she died, a piece of me died.

I work hard for what seems like only mediocrity.

As I run in place, I look around and see I've come no farther than where I started.

This nightmare that I can't wake up from, is this daily battle I wage with myself.

There's no peace in the dark because that's when thoughts fill my head.

Self doubt paralyzes me with fear and as time speeds up uncontrollably, I feel that dream escape my grasp.

I live my life outside my zone of comfort, never settling in because there's something else I wish to have and if I accept and settle I may never reach it.

I know I can leave the chaos, make the whirling tide of emotions subside, if I simply say I quit and go shopping instead. Because I really need another sweater.

But then, what would I be? I would be…

See, chasing something is a journey worth taking.

And I choose to spill no more tears. Because that isn't me anymore.

This is me. A tiny spark that can't be extinguished.

Eventually I'll believe it. That this is me.



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