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Third Times The Charm

I had this brilliant idea for a book and I wrote the first draft. But then my book She Wulf came knocking on my door. Instead of finished what was then known as Heavenly Gifts, I put it aside to write this new story. After restructuring my book series this year, and re-writing The Day of First Sun, I decided the new second book in the series would be the original story I had intended on writing and I decided it was time.

I started from scratch, re-writing this brilliant idea, examining what happens when good intentions go horribly wrong, when everything must be in moderation or else. I still love the idea, but the book, again, doesn't want to be written. It keeps fighting back. And as much as I keep pushing forward, it insists on telling me, it's just not right.

First the story started out like a fish and grew eight legs to eventually become an octopus. I scaled way back, took one direction and moved forward. The problem for me now is that the book is a boring procedural mess of a book that I can't even keep enthusiastic about. Mind you I still love the idea behind the book, but the book once again has denied me. It's just not right.

So again, I put the book away, still not finished. I still don't have a viable ending. All I have is a great premise and a head full of ideas. I have my characters lives in my head and I'm anxious to get them out of there. So I took from the book some scenes that go together and I'm using them to write a completely different book. They are now my new outline. All I need to do is fill it in.

I'm still shooting for a second book when I release the new version of The Day of First Sun. It's pushing it but it's coming. So here's to the third time being the charm. I may finally find that second book.

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