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In an effort to teach my teenage daughters how to love and except themselves, I really try not to complain about my body or my weight as I desperately try to impart years of trial and error type of wisdom on to them. One thing I always tell them “Everything in Moderation.” Basically, don’t be afraid to eat the cookie, just don’t eat six of them.

I’m always intrigued by the idea of moderation. Sometimes its a bad thing when you work so hard for mediocrity, to find yourself stuck in the middle of the pack but oftentimes, moderation, the idea of not too much of anything, allows you to experience a wider variety of foods, or travel destinations, people or a host of other rewarding experiences.

Or it’s a great idea for a story. I wanted to write a book about the lost library at Alexandria and wrote a story around finding the answers to the problem at this library. And yes, I know the original library was destroyed, still its, fantasy and in my story it still exists. Anyway, not the point. So I came up the idea based on Pandora’s Box and the Seven Deadly Sins, that questions the idea, of fixing the ills of society, (the sins), with magical boxes were filled with love, diligence, charity etc. And what happens if those magical spells imbuing society with good things, backfire? Too much of the goodness will lead to something bad. Think of it this way, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

As I was doing research on ancient locales I happened across the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. I had heard of it before and of the Oracle Pythia who got her gift of prophesy from breathing in the gases coming from the chasm nearby. Curious, I read more about the former temple and it’s ruins and learned that carved into the temple were three sayings, “Know Thyself”, “Make a Pledge and Mischief is Nigh” and lastly, the one that got my attention, “Nothing in Excess”. Huh? I thought. Excited, I threw out the idea of the answers at the library. I was going to Greece.

These sayings were attributed to some or all of The Seven Sages, seven wise men, scholars, politicians, philosophers of the ancient world. They preached these ideas, carved them into stone to make their point. And though I fully agree with Everything in Moderation, I haven’t yet decided for certain the fate of the Seven Sages. They may be evil, misguided or good and saintly characters, but for now, I find them intriguing and worth a look at, because their advice is sound. The idea of making the time to do all the things that I want to do so that there are no regrets. I’ve been attempting to live my life like that consistently for the last four years. At least for now, its how I eat, exercise and work. I just need to add the fun.

The Monday Monster isn’t so much a monster as it is an idea, a way to live. Work but give yourself time to enjoy the results of your labors, play but don’t spend all your earnings in one place, assist and pay it forward but not to the cost of everything else. We can do it all, maybe not all at once and not everyday, but if we branch out we can experience and enjoy and that makes it all worthwhile.





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