Abominable Snowman and Yeti and Big Foot Oh My (And don't forget Sasquatch) | Sheryl Steines

Abominable Snowman and Yeti and Big Foot Oh My (And don’t forget Sasquatch)


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My children like all things supernatural,bizarre, impossible. In a weird sort of way, they challenge traditional thinking by believing anything  is possible. My oldest enjoys aliens, ghosts and Big Foot and spends a lot of time watching documentaries discussing the possibility these things truely exist. One of her favorite shows is Finding Bigfoot. The premise of the show is a group of investigators travel to various locations searching for evidence that Big Foot exists. While most of the team believes wihtout a doubt that Big Foot is real, the lone biologist spends most of her down debunking whatever evidence they discover.

The quest to prove the existence of the Yeti, Abominable Snowman or Big Foot has been a part of Western cultural since the 19th century but because of the lack of conclusive evidence proving an apelike homenid lives in the mountains, the scientific community regards these creatures at mythical or legends.

With all that we know, with every piece of modern technology that researchers have at their disposal, is it really possible in the year 2013 to not have discovered a large humanlike creature roaming through mountain ranges and forests across the world? Yes because think of the massive amount of acreage you would need to trek through. And no, you need to have more than one creature to reproduce. How can nature hide so many? For me that's what it always comes down to. There has to be more than one for the entire creature population to survive. How can we not find a tribe, a flock, a village?

Is there really a difference between the Yetis, Abdominable Snowmen, Big Foot or Sasquatch? Not really. They are all said to be humanlike ape creatures, all spotted by indigenous people in varying regions. The Yeti, are said to reside in the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. The term Abominable Snowman was created in 1921 by Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Howard-Bury who led a journey up Mount Everest. After discovering unique footprints in the snow, (he believed were the grey wolf), the sherpa guides suggested the footprints actually belonged to The Wild Man of the Snows called metoh (man bear) kangmi (snowman). Henry Newman, a contributor to the The Statesman in Calcutta coined the term Abdominable Snowman when he mistranslated the word “metoh” as “filthy”, substituting the term “abominable.” And lastly, Big Foot or Sasquatch are similar ape like hominids inhabiting the Pacific Northwest region of North America.



I love the mythical creature. Whether I believe they exist or not, they add a little fun to any story especially when in the created made up world, they are actually real creatures. Since it would be awfully crowded to have every creature in every book, I can glance over it by giving Dave Smith, Annie and Cham's best friend the love of mythical creatures, so much so I gave him a job at the Wizard Zoological Society as a field researcher. He is sent to Colorado to investigate a new Yeti colony recently discovered. It's on the fringe of the story has no real value to the story but to add richness and history to the character. But it's there as a building block to the world I created. If you can suspend your disbelief that is.

Whether or not they do exist, I have no issue with the desire to find out. I am curious and a part of me would love to know for sure. What is your favorite mythical, mystical creature?



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