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The Non Magical World – The New Monster

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There's something about Annie. Rebekah Stoner doesn't know what it is about the woman who appears at several unrelated crime scenes in The Day of First Sun.  But there it was, as the young and observant journalist has discovered, Annie is some kind of investigator, she doubts she's really with the Chicago Police Department, because why would she be at the murder scene of Princess Amelie? She wonders too, what was Annie doing at the FBI Agent Jack Ramsey's apartment late at night holding THAT book? And in book two, tentatively titled Heavenly Gifts, why then was she at the scene of the crime on the other side of the world?

Not all of the monsters in Annie's world are actually monsters or mythical creatures. In The Day of First Sun, Annie deals with her fair share of vampires, but there is something else lurking in the shadows that Annie will need to deal with if she is to survive intact and most importantly, undiscovered.

In many of the shows about super heroes, there is a constant theme that runs through each storyline, that one rule which is required in order for said hero to survive. Never reveal your secret. For Annie, that is hiding her true self, ensuring that the non magical world has no idea that magic exists in the world. When Annie and Cham are called in to solve the magical murder of the very famous Princess Amelie,  they realize early on that hiding their secret with the rest of the world watching would be very difficult.

Charmed is a great example of this. On several occassions the sisters find themselves in a situation in which they are discovered or will be discovered. Their final time of being discovered costs their friend his job and they decide to fake their deaths, become other people all in the hopes that they can simply fade into a normal life. But they can't. They're still responsible for their magic, for the lives of others and it becomes imperative that they re-enter the real world and finish what they started.



In my creation, if there are missteps, what would the consequences be for Annie and Cham and all their friends and family. Would they be arrested, brought in and poked and prodded, examined to learn their differences? Would they have to fake their own deaths, run away and hide and become someone else. This becomes Annie's most challenging monster yet, the journalist whose determined to find out who she really is.

In my world, the non-magical world becomes a character. A monster that needs to be controlled because if the non magical world discovers their secret, that would be their downfall. So here's to that monster and holding it back so Annie may live another day.

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