Monday Monsters – Zombies and How to Date Them

I originally reviewed this book a few years ago and enjoyed it. I’m happy to reshare it with you now that the price has been reduced for your reading pleasure.

girls guide to dating zombiesPreviously Reviewed:

I expected chick lit. I expected a love story. The type of books I don’t reach for first. And then a pile a bricks fell on my head. Okay, I wasn’t that surprised, maybe one brick hit me in the face. But when I pulled it off and dusted myself off, I was very pleasantly surprised.

Hattie Cross writes for a tabloid in a world after the worse blight known to humankind. Most men in the world have been exposed to a virus that turned them into zombies. You could laugh here. Zombies unable to communicate beyond grunting, lack any hygiene and are only content when they watch the 24 hour football game. Call it kind of ironic and funny.

So what’s a modern girl in the year 2020 supposed to do? Who do we date when there are only 300,000 real human males alive on the planet? Well date a zombie of course. And Hattie is the expert having written the ultimate guide to dating them, where to meet them, how to care for them, feed them, medicate them.

And then Hattie has the opportunity to meet and interview her idol, Mathilda Stansfield. The brilliant woman who started the drug company which developed the drugs that allowed the zombies to live a “normal” life. You know, drugs to suspend the loss of body parts, the meds which keep zombies from eating human brains, and the fresheners that keep the decomp smell from overpowering the sensed making women pass out. Hattie jumps at the opportunity to meet the woman returned some normalcy back to the world.

This is where I had the most fun trying to beat Hattie to the conclusion. I tried to figure out the secret of the virus, of the drugs, of the woman behind them. I was half right and pleasantly surprised by the ending.

I’m not a fan of chick lit. Why should I spend my time reading about the life I’m already living? I want to read and be entertained which is one of the main reasons I like fantasy. And The Girl’s Guide To Dating Zombies, as awful as a virus that kills half of the world’s population would be, it seems funny in this setting, this particular virus. I couldn’t wait to find for the ending. I hoped Hattie would find what she was looking for and I cheered when she did.

The Girl’s Guide to Dating Zombies  $0.99 on Amazon today!


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