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The New Elementals



Mythical beings, creatures invented, designed or created to explain the world around us. To explain the world, nature, Paracelsus in the 16th century identified four elemental beings, the fundamental building blocks of nature.

  • gnomes, earth elementals
  • undines, water elementals
  • sylphs, air elementals — clouds
  • salamanders, fire elementals

An interesting concept of beings controlling the one thing that we can't control, the natural world. Many authors approach the idea of controlling the four elements, and if all went up against each other, which element would win? Because each element, could destroy, the flood, the fire, an earthquake, a tornado.

I bring them up as I watch one of my favorite shows. Not necessarily about the elemental, but about those with special powers in which to control the elements around them. If you haven't watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, I can honestly say, your missing a well written, beautifully drawn telling of the story of a young boy with the ability to control each element. He's an Avatar, master of each element,  and it is up to him to bring balance to the world after the lengthy 100 year war, in which his people, the air nomads were destroyed.

His name is Aang, a 12 year boy trapped in the ice as the world becomes a dangerous, out of balance place and when he's brought back, he learns he has only a few months to master and control all of the elements and stop the fire nation from destroying the rest of the world.

I don't always think of the my kids' shows as supernatural or fantasy because they are simply the shows my kids watch. Stories with concepts and worlds so unlike our own.

The moral and lessons of the storyline is to bring balance to the world, to become one with nature, bring hope to those living through the war and find a way to win against the aggressors.

I fell in love with the story, with the characters, with the idea of becoming one with the world around us. We are all a part of the world, responsible for maintaining and protecting it.

In the end the Avatar reaches deep inside himself, a bridge between the spirits and the present world creating peace and harmony. For a chaotic mind such as myself, I'd like to revel in that balance.

If you could control an element, which would it be? I'm partial to water, as ironic as that is since I'm petrified of the water. But the fluidity of the water, the way it moves with the water bender, as it lures you into a false sense of security before it floods and drowns you.

Or would you rather create a landslide, fireball or fly through the air?




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