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The Walking Dead Part Two


We spent Spring Break 2013 watching The Walking Dead marathon leading up to the season finale. Four days we stayed up as a family until 3 am, watching every episode. Well we missed a few, so when AMC decided to run another marathon over July 4th weekend, we partook for a second time in the craziness that is known as The Walking Dead.

We re-watched episodes we had seen before and caught up on those we missed, though I still managed to miss Rick murdering Shane the human and Carl killing Shane the zombie. Maybe the next marathon.

What makes a normally rational family go ape crazy for one show, when normally the four of us can’t agree on anything?

Maybe it’s the fun, well written stories or the complex characters that have flaws and despite them, find a way to survive in this improbable and impossible situation.

I always contend that the fantasy backdrop works because within the confines of these unfamiliar worlds, justice prevails in a way that it doesn’t in our reality. A place where we can watch Rick go up against the Governor and they can take each other out because the rules as we know them, no longer exist.

Why do we watch The Walking Dead? It entertains and believe it or not we actually discuss as a family, what we would do in those circumstances. Whether or not we could forget our humanity and survive in that new world?

I hope I never have to find out. Until then there’s always The Walking Dead. And as I side note, my daughter and I will be meeting Darryl Nixon at the Chicago Wizard World this summer. No kidding. It's all she talks aobut.


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