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Star Wars, The Ultimate Fantasy I Swear It

When I was nine, my dad asked if we wanted to see a movie called “Star Awards” so new I had no idea what he was talking about. We went anyway and from the minute the words scrolled across the screen and I heard that music, I had a smile on my face. Star Wars just happens to be one of those movies that I can watch and re-watch always entertained always amazed by this simple epic fantasy.

I still contend its fantasy, though most I’m sure would think that Star Wars is a work of Science Fiction, with the blasters, the light sabers, the X-wing fighters. But it’s far more than just the technology that holds the movie together. As in all good fantasy stories, there’s that hero, the one who might be royalty and not know it, the one who is thrown into. All bound by the Force, the magic, the code in which the hero fights his battle. Whether it be to save the princess or the galaxy or return an artifact to the place in which it will always be safe, the outer package of the story makes no difference. These are the themes that bind a fantasy together.

This is the ultimate story of good versus evil, where the hero wears white and the villain wears black, and Han Solo wears both.

This is an epic fantasy, a strange new world, with characters of every shape and size, a medieval landscape in which rules don’t exist. How will Luke Skywalker bring order out of chaos? That is his journey. He is the chosen one.

A story, simple and elegant, rough and primitive, that is almost as old as I am. The nine-year old in me still watches with a smile on my face, simple joy at a story worth re-telling.


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