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The Bad Stuff Becomes the Good

Why do we only dwell on the bad stuff that happens rather than the good? Well in my case it’s probably because there’s been so much bad. And each one of those bad things, I seem to have ended up on my feet rather than in a pit of despair. So why can’t I concentrate on those victories, because there have been many.

Though I watched my daughter survive an undiagnosed disease which she eventually succumbed to after eleven months, I have the choice to dwell only on her death or I can bask in the success I had during her life. Organizing a large nursing staff, prescriptions for narcotics (they’re given in triplicate), dealing with insurance, coordinating hospice, taking care of a healthy twin while doing all of this and living through stress and in the end, I gave her the best life I possibly could.

The point isn’t to applaud myself but to realize that sometimes, even when things are at it’s worst there might be something to take pleasure in or to be proud of even under extreme circumstances.

I must remember that when I feel myself a failure because the books are selling at all, or I’m having difficulty managing Twitter and the blog and my author Facebook page. I can’t just congratulate myself on the fact that I’ve written two books and have two more nearly finished.

Should I do that though? Simply accept that I accomplished the minimum and move forward. Or maybe what I should do is let my frustration fuel a desire to keep pushing, keep writing, make my books the best that I can so that maybe, all the hard work will eventually pay off and I can live the dream that I set for myself.

I think that in the end that's what it’s all about. Accepting who you are and the accomplishments you have made while still striving for even more. We should always set our limits higher than we think we can go.

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JamieBMusings says May 8, 2013

That’s the attitude to have; just keep writing and keep moving forward. I really enjoyed reading The Day of First Sun. Did you want me to just send comments or would you like to discuss them in a Facebook message?

    Sheryl Steines says May 8, 2013

    Glad you liked it. We’ll hook up on FB…

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