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One Rant and then I’m Done

Okay. I’ll admit, I watched a few minutes of a few episodes of one of the Kardashian’s many mind numbing shows. Not because I was curious but because I wanted to know why. I still want to know why the television audience is bent on a bunch of rich people make asses of themselves? Well actually I think I can figure that one out, besides being totally ridiculous it gives us something to point and laugh at.

I purposely avoid anything to do with any of the reality television stars. I refuse to join their clubs, watch their shows, buy their books, perfume and shoes, because I really don’t want my hard earned cash landing in their talentless pockets. It’s frustrating for me to see how many people are willing to purchase books written by Snookie, Skinny Bitch and Lauren Conrad, when I struggle to get mine noticed.

Frankly at this point I’m simply tired of them baring it all. I really don’t need another naked, pregnant celebrity gracing any magazine covers, or shooting pictures of themselves on vacation, or tweeting about their bling, because I don’t think they’re any better than me except in one major arena. Marketing.

What I think I’ve since discovered is the fact that what they are really good at is marketing themselves. Getting themselves out there, putting it on the line, letting it all hang out.

I try to write a good role, a strong female character who's real and complex in a world that seems to only value roles models who are self absorbed and lead seemingly meaningless lives in comparison to the rest of us. It’s sad because we can only find strong female role models in the form of science fiction/fantasy characters. Is that because we can only accept them as such in a world that’s not quite so real?

Honestly, I really have no problem with the guilty little pleasure. What I have is a problem when the guilty little pleasure has a bigger presence in the world than it should have for as long as it has, more infamous than famous. Only we can stop the onslaught.

Oka, now I’m done. Is your guilty pleasure really cool, really dorky, really original? Share it here.

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Jeri says April 23, 2013

One of my guilty pleasures would be watching Netflix documentaries, which probably puts me in the kinda dorky category 😉

    Sheryl Steines says April 23, 2013

    I love documentaries. They inform and inspire depending on the subject matter. I just don’t always find the subject matter that makes me want sit and watch though. My guilty pleasure was Spartacus. Blood and violence and a host of other badness. For some reason, I couldn’t get enough. I’m sad it’s over.

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