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Third Time’s a Charm

frontcover51.bmpI took a perfectly acceptable four star reviewed book and rewrote it. Most people heard I was going to do this and questioned my sanity. Why would you do this? Isn't that a lot of work?

Yes it's a lot of work but sometimes you have to put in a lot to get a lot back. It started with my blog tour for She Wulf, in September, 2012. Within the first two days I had three of the most awful reviews I hope no one would ever receive. Basically, everything from my writing, to my editing, to the location of the book to title were critiqued and criticized. Honestly, I never cried so much in my life. After that, most of the reviews that came in read something like this “I liked it but…”

I couldn't speak for the first week. Every time I replayed the blog tour I cried. I pulled away and out and to a break from Twitter, and from Facebook. I stopped blogging. Pretty much I was ready to quit writing. Give up on that dream that I've had since I was seven. But something stopped me. It was the desire to do better. Pretend that I was a fabulous writer and I could make this happen. I also had an amazing editor who told me I shouldn't quit. That I had something there. She gave me some of her time and instructed me on how to edit, what to look for and offered suggestions. If it wasn't for the time she volunteered to work with me, I'd be working a full time job by now in some other field other than writing.

But I'm here. And somewhere after receiving those editing lessons, I made a decision. If I'm going to fix what's wrong with She Wulf, I'm going to start at the beginning. That's why I rewrote The Day of First Sun.

It's a total and complete gut job. I kept the characters and the basic storyline and then I proceeded to do a line by line rewrite. I deleted almost as much as I added. I changed a lot. It's far better, though I thought that about She Wulf and found out I was wrong. But it's all about the positive. It's a far better book.

Currently the book is in the very capable hands of several friends and colleagues and I'm hoping to have a serious discussion with each and every one of them soon, about the merits of the new book. I hope they like it. I hope I did well. Because by the end of the year, there will be a third edition of The Day of First Sun and if I'm really good, a better version of She Wulf.

Is it worth it? Only time will tell. I hope you like it.



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