Author Sheryl Steines

Author Sheryl Steines

Sheryl Steines wanted to be an author

Since the age of seven, Sheryl began working on detective stories and poems. Sheryl started at the University of Iowa to pursue a writing degree and transferred to Wright State in Dayton, OH, where she received a Bachelors in English. Unfortunately, events in her life temporarily interfered with the dream. To pay bills, she started in customer service and started writing technical manuals for a banking organization.

Sheryl is a survivor. She gave birth to twins, one of which died from an undiagnosed neuromuscular disease at 11 months old. She writes about this loss through Annie Pearce who also must deal with the loss of her father.

After a 20th high school class reunion, Sheryl realized that becoming an author continued to be her lifelong passion. More and more she daydreamed about characters, different story lines and the ongoing story of the Wizard Hall Chronicles. The characters spoke to her. She wondered: What would they do, how would they react and she finally pursued her passion.

The Day of First Sun is the first book of the Wizard Hall Chronicles and was originally published in 2011. The book received notable recognition:

  • No. 1 in Occult Genre, May 2012
  • Kindle eBook of the Year Finalist, 2011
  • Book of the Year on 2011

The Day of First Sun has been rewritten with a new focus on the characters and the tenuous relationship between the magical and nonmagical world, it was republished in 2016. Black Market is the second book in the Wizard Hall Chronicles and will be published in 2017. Sheryl also published a nonfiction book Introvert to Sales Goddess.

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