The Chrysallis

The Chrysallis

I never thought about the theme of my first book, The Day of First Sun, not until I began the process of renaming it. I started by thinking it should be named after the item that caused the problems in the first place, or the object that would make the situation worse. But instead of going down that road, without picking out one point in the book that I could use for the title, I thought really hard about what the book deep down, was really about.

Change. When I looked at the action, the storyline, the characters, what I came to the realization was, everyone and everything was changing. Annie’s relationship with Cham changes, Amelie changes, Sturtagaard changes and Jack Ramsey changes. They open their minds, learn something, change their existence in ways they can’t imagine when the story begins. Turning points that move the character from point A to point B.

I thought of a metamorphosis. And then I thought of the Chrysalis. How the caterpillar begins as one creature and through an act of nature, changes to something so different, their life takes on a new existence. And that’s where I knew the title should remain.

It mirrors my own life over the last decade and a half, monumental changes that I’ve allowed myself to go through, partially because I had no choice and partially I wanted to make it better, make it mean something. As I look back on all that has brought me here, to the third re-write of my first book, I’m amazed at how far I’ve come, the change that I started when I took the first step down a long and interesting path.

Like the butterfly, I hope to spread my wings and fly.







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